About Us:

Who is Break Loose?

We are 4 very enthusiastic automotive enthusiasts. We have been good friends, and 2 of which previous customers, for years now. We collectively came together over the lack of tasteful experiences at other performance shops, and figured out a way to take all the negative experiences out, and provide a positive way for purchasing aftermarket parts.

Unlike other businesses where their sales, upselling, and “specials” are how their businesses stay afloat, ours does not. We believe in giving back to the community, we understand the stress of making your car what you want, and believe that if we can give actual affordable parts that save you money, the community can then excel with the help no one else is providing.

We've been providing to customers from social media & we are exclusive vendors on Discord for the Supra / BMW / Veloster groups. You’ll be able to find multiple people in any platform that has dealt with us, or even from our sponsored drivers/racers.

Pricing and Ordering:

How do you sell at the prices you do?

Well, it’s simple. Obviously many people need to make money along the way, but sometimes we see the opportunity to provide the best prices to help move forward with your car. They are legit, as seen from many customers since we opened in January.

How do I order from you?

As you’ll see we do not have a check out function on our site. Why? Because for us to maintain a good relationship with our dealers and brands, we prefer direct contact for pricing. Our system works more like a wishlist. You add parts you’re interested in, it sends an email with those parts to us, and we respond directly to you with a shipped price. If you like what we can do for you, we’ll send and invoice and go from there.

There is no wait time once the order is paid. Unlike other businesses we do not believe in the “processing days”. If we see the order is paid, within minutes you’ll receive an order confirmation number and if ordered before 3pm EST, it’ll ship out same day. (Some parts excluded IE: Seibon, Adro, Titan)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal and direct bank transfer.

Do you do price matching?

Yes, under the insanely rare occurrence another company beats our pricing. However, it must be a reputable company, and if we are not able to match, we will point you in the direction for a cheaper price. Weird concept right? We don’t need to make the sale, we want everyone to feel like they are taken care of.

Shipping and Returns:

Where do you ship to?

Primarily in the Lower 48 of the US. We do ship to Hawaii & Canada. We also have some options from a distributor to ship outside of the country.

What's your return policy?

Returns can be made within 15 days of the original purchase. This is in terms of an order error or product defect. Special order items will be subject to return & restock fee. You will need to pay for shipping back if it is a “I don’t want it anymore” situation.

Shipping labels will be provided for order errors (since we are the ones confirming items or build specs for you) and any product defects. We can assure you though, with the prices we give, you’re better off selling and breaking even or making a profit.

Top Brands





Boost Logic


CTS Turbo

Injector Dynamics

Radium Engineering

Titan Motorsports



Weld Racing Wheels